It was the romantic idea of purveying goods that harken back to the halcyon days of Pax Brittanica. But the year was 1986, and mass production everything was common place. A contrarian approach to what was existing in the marketplace at the time, de GOURNAY assembled a team of artists and artisans to revive authentic hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper. Everyone took notice at the exceptional quality and business grew. By the time fabrics and porcelain were integrated into the product line, de GOURNAY had established itself as leader in craftsmanship. In the way a Birkin cannot be compared to a handbag from a mass manufacturer, de GOURNAY has a portfolio of bespoke options that sets it apart.

The company’s philosophy speaks about the artist’s “spirit resonance” and how the human hand adds the kind of energy machine made counterparts will never be able to replicate. 

Enjoy these close ups from our last shopping trip:

This a detail shot of Early Views of India which is a part of the Panoramiques Collection. This one is done in the grey scenic paper. The level of articulation is so impressive. Look at the camel hairs! If you decide on you want blue turbans in a green background, that kind of customization is not only feasible but encouraged.

This is stunning in person. Butterflies in a 12 carat gilded paper. Can you imagine this in a hallway or accent wall?

St Laurent is such a standout Peacock Chinoiserie. The playfully nibbled pomegranate with its exposed seeds is a nice touch. It has a wide range of colorways depending on the mood you are looking for.

Here are more stellar examples of de Gournay’s Chinoiserie collection. The details on the feathers and flowers are testament to the artisans involved in the process. 12 carat White Gold gilded paper is such an exquisite option. Simply incredible.

La Chasse De Compiegne is part of the Panoramiques Collection. Teleport yourself with bucolic nostalgia with de Gournay’s take on a hunting scene. One can even request a tonal backdrop for a more contemporary look.

The painterly strokes of Willows find a great teammate in the gilded paper. This would make a haunting install in any room. The way the luster of the background allows you to see the softer strokes makes it a really special experience.

This is a closeup shot of Monuments of Paris. One can imagine appreciating the detail years down the line. Every nuance is accounted for. We can see drapery lines, textures of the bark, depth of the foliage, all of these tiny details make the difference.


The Lacquered Room is enjoying itself a bit of a renaissance. It has been a design staple since antiquity, but the modern perspective has benefited it greatly. It triggers the most primordial fascination towards objects with luster. Its glossy magnetism has that powerful ability to harness color to do its bidding. Do you need to raise the electricity in a space? Falling short on presence? A sure fire way is employing a high impact finish like lacquer to your walls. Humble doors, ceilings, panels, trim are elevated from their mundane existence.

“It triggers the most primordial fascination towards objects with luster.”

It is important to note that real lacquer application is no easy undertaking. It is applied by spray and the fumes aren’t exactly pleasant. Plan your local vacation accordingly. You will be pleased with the return of investment. The look is accessible to different budgets, with the advent of using enamel coating paired with a clear high gloss varnish as an alternative. And while there is absolutely no denying the inky impression left by classic black, irreverent colors can teleport you to newly discovered vistas of your personality. It’s a great way to dictate drama in the room. Tone on tone vignettes look just as ravishing as high contrast displays. It is an excellent lesson on “surrender” for the obsessive as well. The finish has its upkeep, and you will surely develop the knack of spotting fingerprints. This is a minor tax to a MAJOR energy.

Here are some of our favorite examples in elevating the experience: