Corporate  & Residential Office Interior Design

When designing offices for business we bring the same thoughtful creativity to these spaces, as we do with your own home office or study. For the corporate world, office design is often the introductory statement for your business and so you want it to be distinctive and noteworthy. In the boardroom to the reception area, it has to command attention, yet be inviting and pleasing. We work with clients to create the right tone and environment for your office space.

Selections for finishes and other materials are paramount to achieving the right look. The furniture must be functional, yet comfortable. We develop the concept that is in keeping with your vision, as well as your financial blueprint. Interior design, whether for your home or business, is an investment in your future – and the future is here with Dream By MJS Interiors.


It's All About the Right Questions In Office Interior Design

Corporate interior design brings some of the same consideration as residential interior design, it also has different challenges. We plan and develop the concept that you approve. We start by asking the right questions: All business are different from the industry to the size, what is your business and how do you plan to use the space? What is the size of the space and how many people will it accommodate? What will be your financial investment? And what timeframe is involved? All these questions will be critical to the success of the project.

We’ve got more than 30 years of experience creating beautiful home office and corporate office spaces. Our work is helping you get your work done. On budget, on time, on design. We take an individual approach to each client project – one size does not fit all. But we can bring cost-effective solutions and one-of-kind designs. We say YES let’s make your corporate interior design dreams a reality and take your business to new heights. Office interior design doesn't have to be cold and impersonal to be all about business.

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