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Bathrooms are a very important design statement in the home. Functionality will be based on who will be using the bathroom and how they plan to use it. The location of the bathroom in relation to the user is an important aspect. The master bathroom, may it be for a couple or an individual, should be spacious and luxurious. This look can be achieved by the use of granites and marbles for the floors, countertops and selected areas for the walls.


Interior Design and Atmosphere

There are so many great man-made tiles and slab that can be used in place of marble or granite. In most cases, these products are usually cost effective. Wallpaper is also another piece of the puzzle that can create a great aesthetic and be cost effective. Hardware selection is also very important. Bathroom hardware comes in many finishes, styles and price ranges. The bathrooms for guests and children should not be overlooked. They should receive the same amount of attention when working on the design. A fun bathroom to design is the powder bath. Because of its limited use and in most cases smaller spaces, you can use many luxurious products for wall and floor coverings to get the desired look.

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