Transforming Entryways

Our Texas interior design studio is built on more than 30 years of experience. Having traveled extensively throughout the world, we understand what it takes to find just the right interior design elements for each room of your home or business. It all starts with the entryway, it’s what makes a good first impression for your home. Attention to detail is our job, from color selections to artwork or dramatic lighting, we do it all. If furniture items or seating are needed, we help you make the right choices, and we can even design stairs and railings. There are many types of materials to be considered and we can assist you in making selections that truly reflect your personal style. You want your entryway to be a statement and our degreed interior designers can make it happen.

The Importance of An Interior Designer

Trying to decide on an interior designer? Confused about what an interior designer can do for you? We are here to help and take the guesswork out of transforming the interior design of your home.

  • We listen to you - then develop a concept and present it to you
  • We provide scaled layouts of each room so that size and scale are correct
  • We ensure that all selections meet with your approval and are cohesive with the overall style of the project, as well as fit within the approved budget
  • We meet on site to with tradesmen for paint, window treatments or flooring
  • We supervise installation of all furnishings
  • We make sure your dream is realized

There are many things to consider in interior design from comfort, organization, function and expressing the personality of who lives there.  We take it all into consideration and implement the best interior design practices.


Creating Atmosphere with Interior Design

Interior design is more than meets the eye. It should, of course, be pleasing visually, but creating the right atmosphere goes beyond just what you see. Your home should be more than just a collection of rooms with furniture, a home should be a welcoming respite from the outside world. Many elements work together to create the desired ambiance.

Proper lighting can create mood and accentuate the highlights of a room. Textures and patterns create interest, as does color. Light colors tend to add depth and openness, and darker colors add drama or warmth to a room’s décor. Furniture should be selected for sight, touch and feel. It should be beautiful to look at, appealing to touch as well as comfortable. A home should also provide a sense of who lives there, through art or other objects near and dear to the heart.

Dream By MJS Interiors is here to provide insights on how to elevate the atmosphere of your home or office. Contact us online or phone us directly at 713-999-1222 to discuss how we can create your dream environment.

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