Location: HOUSTON, TX

We became involved with this stately French home from blueprint. We were contracted to design all aspects of interior and exterior finishes through the construction process. The client wanted a modern approach while still maintaining classic French styling.

“A very dramatic, modern French-Inspired statement was achieved.”

The Results

The color pallet for the home is white, grays, silver, platinum, and black. We started with the over-scaled black and white checkerboard floor in the Entry and Gallery to pay homage to historic French architecture, and also introduce a powerful modern graphic. A very dramatic, modern French-Inspired statement was achieved. For the hardwood floors, we chose a wide plank oak and finished it in an unconventional silvery driftwood stain that complimented our wall colors and added a unique touch. We utilized paneled walls in the Entry, Living Room, and Dining Room to add a layered richness in these areas. In addition to our painted walls , we interjected graphic wallpapers, textured grass cloths, and fabric upholstered walls in key places. We custom designed sleek fireplace mantles in three rooms to continue our modern theme. The kitchen is a true showcase in bright white, stainless steel, and Italian Carrera marble. The client wanted something that would add striking Hollywood glamour to the central core of this home while still maintaining functionality for her love of cooking and the everyday care of their four children.

For the furnishings, we chose timeless contemporary pieces in soft neutral grays and charcoals, and added bright colors to each room. The fabrics are layered in a variety of interesting textures and patterns. Tables are in mixed finishes of painted wood, chrome, glass, marbles, and lacquers to create interest. We also did hi-gloss black doors in certain areas for a dramatic entrance to important rooms. Custom area rugs and carpets were designed for the various rooms to complete our vision. Modern drapery softens the architecture and add to the clients’ privacy. Specialty lighting was carefully selected for each area. The client has a passion for art, so we gave special attention for all the artwork chosen throughout this home. We listened thoughtfully to the homeowners ideas, and are thrilled with the results achieved for this very special project that incorporated modern French-inspired interiors.

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