Let The Houston Experts Take Your Living Room To The Next Level

Your living room or family room needs to be a haven for warmth and comfortability. It should be functional in regards to your needs and the flow of traffic, but first and foremost it should a place you can enjoy and want to spend time. Today many homes opt out of a formal living area for a more casual and open family room. Do you need to open up your family room to the kitchen, so you can enjoy your guests while entertaining? Do you need to have better seating and have it arranged more suitably for watching television or relaxing with family and friends?

Our Houston interior designers are among the best in the industry and we can make your dream for a new living room or family room a reality. It is the social hub of your home and we can enhance and beautify it, so that it will be a focal point for family and guests. We are all about the details, from the style that fits your taste to the color of the room and the artwork displayed. We give all the details great attention, so that it will uniquely fit your family’s needs and wants. Whether it’s a great room or small living area Dream By MJS Interiors is here to help take it to the next level!

Reasons to Improve the Interior Design of a Family Room

The improvements you make to the interior design of your home have many benefits and add value. They are an investment in your future. There is a real purpose to remodeling a living room, other than making it visually pleasing or luxurious. Doing so is an opportunity to:

  • Promote good flow for traffic, conversation or for watching television.
  • Sometimes less is more, remove items that contribute to a room appearing cluttered.
  • Out with the old and make room for a new fresh look.
  • Brighten a room (and your mood) by enhancing the atmosphere with color or lighting.
  • Consider changing things up if your family is growing or their needs are changing.
  • Take advantage of natural light or new window coverings that can add depth and save energy.
  • Increase the amount and efficiency of storage.

Creating an Atmosphere with Luxurious Interior Design

Interior design professionals can redefine the atmosphere of the room. We can add a focal point, such as a large area rug or art work. We can set the mood with lighting or a new color.

Bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow create warmth and add energy. Cooler colors like green and blue are soothing and calm. Shades of gray and white, or even brown, can contribute a serene quality to a room. By mixing and matching colors, you can create complementing color schemes that make a living room unique and special.

Scale is always important in interior design. Furniture should match the size and shape of the room. If you have limited space, furniture in lighter colors creates a sense of openness. For larger rooms, you will want pieces to maximize the space, but not overcrowd it. You can create different areas to enjoy entertainment or quiet conversations.

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