Epic Home Decor & Furniture for 2019: Part 1

Timelessness is what exalts a piece of furniture to legendary status. Top interior designers select pieces that exude a classic look. But furniture must also function well for today’s world and most importantly a client’s home. Several epic furniture selections come to mind, but in this two-part post, I’ve curated the list to a manageable five traditional items. But all have their own new twists. Later we’ll do another five and take a look at some gems from the ageless mid-century era.

Epic Home Decor

Wing-Back Armchair

The trusty wing-back chair was originally designed in the 17th century to literally envelope a person in warmth as they sat by the hearth. With their proud high backs and curved wing-like sides they were just the thing to protect one from a bitter English winter. Nowadays, these classic chairs look just at home in a breakfast area, study or living room, as they do next to a fireplace. They are being dressed in velvet or tweed-like fabrics, and even bold geometric patterns as they been unleashed on the entire house.

Wing-Back Armchair

Chesterfield Style Sofa

No longer your grandmother’s Chesterfield sofa, these button-tufted delights are being updated for the 21st century – in any color and for any design style. Their charm remains the same with smooth contours, rolled arms and a low seat base. They exude the perfect refined look, yet plush and comfortable. These chairs named after the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope, can be seen upholstered in leather to velvet. They take on an even more modern air with rounded steel legs.

Chesterfield Style Sofa

Louis XVI Chair

Louis XVI chairs with their rounded upholstered backs, exposed wood frames also boast beautiful ornate legs. The chairs are now being overhauled with primary color fabrics and even cowhide. Stately and elegant, these chairs were found in the palatial homes of King Louis XVI of France and were examples of exquisitely crafted functional works of art. Matched with just the right side table, they would be a highlight of any room from the ranch to the ranch house.

Grey Louie XVI Chair

Canopy Bedroom Sets

A canopy bed was originally designed to function as a means of privacy and protection from the cold for the aristocracy of medieval Europe. Their regal nature is now being stream-lined with clean lines and metal finishes. No longer adorned with fabric, most canopy beds now are open for all to admire, but still have the classic eye-catching four posters and frame across the top. Utilized materials can range from wood to metal finishes.

Canopy Bed Set

Antique Windsor Chair

A Windsor chair is easily discernible by its wooden poles which fashion the seat back. And they can have arms or not, or might even be rockers. Although the time origins are unclear, wheelwrights in the 16th century were making the iconic spindles as they did wheel spokes. In the 18th century with the advent of ‘steam-bending’ wood, the seat backs took on their characteristic bow shape. The Windsor chair is no longer relegated to traditional cottage or country homes, but it is now being utilized in Transitional and Modern homes, as it still cuts a dignified and timeless silhouette.

Antique Windsor Chair

Bonus Tip: Get Cozy Outside with All-Weather Adirondack Chairs

As an added bonus I’ve included something for the outside. The distinctive Adirondack chair can conjure up notions of a log cabin by a lake, but now are for every architectural style of home. They can have flat or contoured seat with ample armrests, but it’s the backs with their slightly concave wood slats that are the most easily recognizable feature. Thomas Lee, while vacationing in the Adirondack Mountains, designed and made the first one, but unfortunately it was Harry Bunnell that patented his copycat design and the rest is history. You can see these quintessential chairs in a variety of hues from white to leaf green.