The energy of a room is greatly dictated by the gestalt sum of the objects and references being employed. The team is always on a constant search for items that elevate the experience of a space. We enjoy shopping for pieces for clients that will fit their tastes and needs for a space.

The team is always on a constant search for items that elevate the experience of a space. 

Our shopping process is a custom-tailored one in which we personally peruse the town for the ideal pieces to complete a space. These shopping field trips tend to yield a wide range of ideas, moods, and styles. Here are our latest Finds & Favorites:

Alison Berger Glassworks for Holly Hunt Lighting is an exceptional collaborative partnership. Alison Berger is known for her romantic sources and use of age-old glass blowing techniques. Her usual aesthetic has been put through the Holly Hunt modernist filter, and the result are handsome glass forms transcending trend.

Look at how substantial the hand poured leaded crystal is on the Lens Sconce! The visual weight diffuses light in a really special way.

Alison Berger Glassworks offers a wide range of bespoke options. The glass is hand blown and etched by artisans. Clients can choose favorite poems, song lyrics, love letters. Alison Berger has been known to use a Da Vinci manuscript as a reference to mimic the hand style. The Scripted Chandelier enjoyed brief internet notoriety because of Architectural Digest’s video on singer John Legend’s Los Angeles home.

Even delicate tapered forms are transformed with the use of hand blown leaded crystal. The Amphora pendant does a great job encasing the incandescence.

Christian Astuguevieille  is a highly collectible French Artisan known for his wrapped in cord furniture pieces. The Afritaco Bookcase comes in Macassar Ebony wrapped in a hand braided hemp cord. This piece is a great example of how to incorporate natural materials in a modern context.

The Wyeth Console would make for a great entryway solution. The peculiar shape of its cast bronze pulls are in full display, playing against the straight edges.

Keep a lookout for more of our favorite October interior décor finds coming soon!