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This year-round fully functional outdoor gourmet kitchen features Kalamazoo appliances and products. The kitchen is outfitted with a pizza oven and a gas grill that cooks with both charcoal and wood. Perfect space for informal family cookouts and dinner parties, right in line with outdoor pool and kitchen trends for 2017!

Source: Viking Professional

The Viking Professional outdoor products offer everything you’d expect to find in an outdoor kitchen, except the walls. Every product works together in form and function with the same level of excellence. The choices are virtually limitless to ensure you find the exact look you’re aiming for.

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Allow your imagination to run wild with this outdoor pool design! These remotely powered gas fire pits are crafted from a vast and exciting array of materials in an ever-expanding palette of colors, shapes, textures, and finishes.

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An outdoor fire pit by the pool is the perfect solution for those that love to entertain, the perfect centerpiece for this relaxing space. The space is complemented with functional furniture for added convenience.

Source: Brown Jordan

Divulge the freedom to create an outdoor kitchen in any configuration with unique layouts, colors, and wood grain finishes.

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The gorgeous mix of fire and water is making a big statement this year. Fire features like fire bowls, fire orbs, and fireplaces built right into pools create a wonderful play on the elements.

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The grillworks 42 is a star wood firing grill for any backyard.  The cast aluminum crank wheels allow the chef to adjust the height of the cooking surface with the rise and fall of the flames.

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This outstanding, dual-purpose wood-fired brick oven and smoker is top of the line for a stunning outdoor gourmet setup by Alfresco Home and is among the sleekest of the outdoor pool and kitchen design trends in 2017.

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The masculine, vertically designed free-standing outdoor kitchen setup delivers mouthwatering meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables as well as authentic baked pizzas, bread, and desserts. The heated excitement gets intense!

Source: DS Fine Home Building

What could be better than a year-round outdoor kitchen? The beautiful wood-beam overhang keeps the direct sunlight out of your cooking arena.  Featuring a classic wood-burning oven along with a neighboring gas grill.

Source: Home Design Lover

Fire effects and lighting provide a dramatic flair to this traditional pool, great for evening entertainment! LEDs are environmentally friendly and can be incorporated as an economical way to add spotlights, highlights, and color features to your pool area.

Source: Dwelling Decor

A fire pit with corner round seating decorated with cushions and pillows to add color and personality to the space.  Bold prints and patterns with contrasting colors and abstract geometric shapes are in!

Source: Real Estate Australia

The wet-edged pool is excellent for a level changing backyard.  The aquatic glass tile makes a dramatic statement to the pool. Wet-edge pools are easy to clean; any leaf litter that accumulates runs straight off the edge and into the lower reservoir.

Source: News On Air

Travertine stone is taking over as the preferred decking material for outdoor pool design.  This beautiful natural stone provides a non-slip, durable surface and stays cool under the blazing hot sun.

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Tanning ledges are in! They allow you to stay cool during the hot summer days by providing just enough water to still “lay out” without completely submerging yourself in the water. Grass around the pool is never a good thing, but this well-manicured grass between the pavers is brilliant!