Designer Gianni Versace spent a lot of time and money to restore the Villa and lived in this dream house for 20 years.  His guests were Madonna, Lady Diana, Elton John, and many others.  The Villa Fontanelle was built in the first half of the 19th century by Lord Charles Currie, Lake Como, and the neo-classical style.  In 1977 Gianni Versace rebuilt the interiors, the Villa is a decadent hotel from its frescoed ceiling to its gilded 54-foot Versace designed pool.  Gianni Versace’s discerning approach to furnishing his home resulted in the impressive collection of continental furniture, sculpture and silver works, and 18th and 19th-century paintings.  All rooms have been turned into guest suites that have Italian marble bathrooms with gold-plated fixtures and two shower heads, large closets, and separate living rooms/sitting areas and balconies/patios.  He created the house as a symbol of his huge success, adorning it with magnificent frescoes and an Italian garden.  It has been more than 15 years since fashion designer Gianni Versace was gunned down on the steps of his Miami mansion.  The King of Fashion’s empire passed to his family after his death, along with a whole host of impressive properties around the world.  The resulting extravagant interiors were complemented by a first-class art collection that included several Picassos and Roy Lichtenstein’s “Blue Nude.” The Versace house is astounding in every aspect! Donatella Versace was recently interviewed by Vogue magazine in her beautiful Milan apartment previously owned by her brother she answers 73 questions. As Donatella takes us through the rooms of her family’s home, she talks about the legacy of Gianni Versace, the future of fashion, and the most common misconceptions about her. After Exploring a vast array of fabulous interiors in the Versace homes take a look at the Vogue interview, here is the link!