You may still be searching for your first home, or you may be getting ready to move in soon. Whichever is happening in your life at the moment, there’s no doubt that homeownership marks a major milestone, as well as a time of renewal. Read on to discover how to design your home in a way that makes the most of your existing budget.

Where to Begin with Designing Your New Home

Moving into a new home means having a bigger space, but it also means that you are moving from one stage of life to another. That old futon may have served you well in college, but your family and your new home will demand more. That being said, you will likely be wondering which room is best for your redesign.

Before you start, however, give yourself some time in your new interior. Over the first couple of months, really think about how you will use your new house, as well as how you plan to live in it. For example, you may have thought that one room deserved most of your budget, when it may actually only need a couple of new items.

Finally, you’ll want to measure all of the rooms in your home. Although you will likely be filling your rooms with furniture gradually, having measurements on hand will be very useful if something catches your eye while you’re out doing other things.

The Bedroom

Did you know that most top Houston interior designers predict you will spend one-third of the time in your home in the bedroom? This fact makes your bedroom an ideal place to begin your redesign. Here, the bed will be the most important piece of furniture that you buy.

Getting the Right Bed

Choosing a bed may seem easy, but there are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, although current trends may tempt you to purchase, you need to think about the years you plan to spend in your home. Do you think the palette and style of your bedroom will change over the years? If so, choosing a bed in a timeless style will be the best route.

Now, by “timeless style,” we don’t mean choose something which fits but is something that you don’t really like. You should choose a bed that you absolutely love—one that reflects who you are—as well as ensuring that it is of high quality so that it will last. Finally, your new bed should fit comfortably in your bedroom.

If you’re on a really tight budget, stick with your old bed, but splurge on new high-quality bedding for yourself. Spend as much as you can afford, and opt for a high thread count when and where ever possible.

Custom Designed Modern Family Bedroom

Color Palette

After you’ve gotten your bed, it’s time to think about the colors that your bedroom will have. There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint will almost instantly transform the room, but if painting isn’t something you want to do, Texas interior designers recommend that you take a look at items you already have.

Is there one item you own that you really love? If so, celebrate it by echoing its colors in accent pieces like pillows and artwork. These colors, when sprinkled throughout your bedroom, will help to tie it all together.

Living Room

Furniture isn’t cheap, and, because you’ve just purchased your first home, you are highly unlikely to have the budget for new furniture in every room. That means having to live with your old furniture for a while.

However, even though you may be surrounded by the same old, same old, that’s no reason to feel like you’re stuck; all you need to do is identify the similarities. Perhaps one shade in your chair goes well with another found on a vase. If this is the case, you need only expand on those similarities.

One great way to flaunt the similarities in your furniture is to choose an accent wall and paint it in a color that unifies the pieces. You can also find second-hand accessories or a rug containing those colors.

The sofa will be the largest piece of furniture in your living room. The great thing about sofas is that they can be used as the focal point of a room, or they can be in a neutral color and used as a blank canvas for colored accessories.

Because these furniture pieces can be costly, it may make sense to invest in a piece that will be with you for a while, say home designers in Houston, changing only the pillows and throws when it’s time for something new.

Matching Is a Myth

Modern Family Living Room & Fireplace

If you visited a furniture store lately, you probably noticed how well everything matches. While it might be nice, not to mention incredibly easy to walk in and buy an entire living room or bedroom set, this is not the best idea.

Why? There are many reasons. First, these sets look great in the showroom, which is great if you want your room at home to look like a showroom as well. Again, your personal style is what should be reflected in anything you purchase for any room in your home.

Another reason matching is a myth is that what you see in the store may not work in the size of rooms in your home. That huge 4-poster bed you’ve been pining for may be completely over-sized in your small master bedroom.

When shopping, carefully consider not only the size of the rooms in your home, but also ensure that everything you buy is balanced and of the right proportions for each room’s size.

Consider Inexpensive Upgrades

Your kitchen or bathroom’s current look may be driving you crazy but, if you don’t have room for renovation in your budget, you might want to consider upgrading certain elements. For example, you can change out those dated kitchen lights for something new and, maybe, lay down some luxury linoleum or new tile in the bathroom to make things a bit more easy to live with.

Or, your interior designing adventures may have seen you starting to collect artwork. However, you need to fill those bare walls with something until you have a full collection. When doing so, try to avoid those inexpensive pieces that look like everything else, and start scouring your local flea markets and antique stores for unique items that match your personality instead.

You can customize your home further by taking a look at textiles. Today’s textile choices are absolutely vast, and there is a color and feel for every fancy.

The best thing about the many choices available in rugs, pillows, throws, and similar items is that you can put them in any room. When you feel you need a change, simply move the textiles from one area to another.

Should You Hire a Professional Designer?

The many available design choices can make the experience of redesigning your home a stressful one. Because of this, many families choose to hire a professional designer. While this may seem an incredibly expensive option, the truth is that a professional designer can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Custom Designed Modern Beach House With Pool

For example, if you’re shopping on your own, you may need to purchase several shades of paint to try to achieve the look you desire. In hiring a professional designer, you can ensure that you have the right color right away.

The right designer will be able to know instantly what will work and what won’t for your home, eliminating any guesswork and extra expense on your part. Hiring a Houston interior designer, you will have instant access to design contacts and resources that you didn’t have previously.

This includes access to products that the general public cannot access, which means your space will be truly unique to you.

Your New Home Deserves the Best

Your home deserves a look that is both reflective of you, and which provides every room with balance, style, and the best that interior design has to offer for your budget. Dream by MJS Interiors can offer all of this and much more.

Our team of experienced designers works with you to create exactly the look and feel you want while being sure to maximize your budget. We are students of many design eras, having gained our inspiration from interiors around the world. Dreams by MJS Interiors is ready to make your dreams a reality; contact us now to claim your free consultation: 713-766-4570.

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