The color red is a lot of things! The rich, warm tone reminds people of the heat of the summer and the festive spirit of winter holidays. Though in recent years, cooler colors have ruled interiors, bold crimsons are suddenly back on the scene. Here are some ways the color red can be utilized in your interior design.

  • Like taking a bite into a red velvet cupcake, a soft, luxurious scarlet chair adds a taste of glamour to neutral and monochromatic spaces.
  • From crimson and fire engine red to Merlot and rust, there are endless ways to use this warm shade to create a mood.
  • Red can feel contemporary, traditional, rustic, or timeless, depending on the shade and context. A touch of red can warm up a room, or add drama when used as the primary color in a small space such as a powder room.
  • Red is incredibly versatile when used in moderation, and can help your space scram strong, radiant, and full of energy and confidence.
  • Solve the balance problem of a room by using the color red sparingly as accents! This vivid hue makes a dramatic difference.
  • Balance and elegance are the keys to getting a fabulous color scheme spot on!
  • An all-white backdrop ensures that even the slightest pops of black and red stand out with ease. This makes for a super-chic home!
  • Contemporary kitchens with glossy countertops are incredibly popular and seem to be the preferred choice in most urban homes. Combining with white in an effortless manner, red and black is a color duo that seems custom-made for the trendy modern kitchen!
  • Red hues provide an excellent, lovely organic living space — the neutral, peaceful ambiance of white balances out with bold, demanding red.