So, you have finally moved into your dream home and are tasked with getting a few rooms redesigned and refurnished. This kind of opportunity is enormously freeing but also a tremendous challenge. With the number of available options out there, how do you narrow down what you see to just a few favorites? And, of those favorites, how do you know that what you have chosen will seamlessly blend with the decor in the rest of the room?

Fortunately, you have access to a team of interior design experts when you work with Dream by MJS Interiors. We have more than 30 years of interior design experience in both residential and commercial spaces. If you’re looking for a uniquely stunning dining room design in Houston, TX, you will want to try out our luxury interior design services. We can help you choose everything from your dining room wall decorations to the dining room table that sits beneath them.

To that last point, how do you choose the perfect dining room table for your room? It isn’t an easy decision. After all, this is where you will likely be eating every day or at least for major holidays and other events that include family and friends. You want your table to give off the right message, to welcome people to dine in your home.

Let’s take you through some of our thoughts on selecting the perfect dining room table for your house. We hope this gives you an example of how we approach certain aspects of your redesign projects.

Finding the Ideal Dining Room Table

The perfect dining room table will encompass everything about you and your home. It will reflect the feeling you want to convey to guests while still being practical as a place for eating. Here are some pointers.

1. Select a Table for Your Circumstances

To start, generally, the perfect dining room table for your home is going to be one that meets your specific needs. For instance, will you use it for daily meals, or only for special occasions? In either situation, how many people will be eating at it? Furthermore, what kind of dining room do you have? Is it more of a decorative, indoor room that is meant to be kept nice? Or is yours located in an informal outdoor porch area? These details will determine the type and size of the dining room table you should select. A dining room table set in more of a formal room should appear as such to match. A table that gets a lot of use should be more durable and less formal.

2. Choose the Right Shape

You know better than anyone what table shape will work best for you based on the size and shape of your dining room. Most dining rooms are rectangular to allow for long tables that can seat numerous guests. However, if you have an unusually shaped room or want to be a little different in your selection, feel free to go for something people wouldn’t normally expect.

A rectangular dining room table is the most commonly seen because it fits the traditional dining room and can seat the most people. Remember that a lot of rectangular tables are sold with leaves that can be placed in the table to extend it and seat even more people.

Square tables appear more intimate since they usually seat only two to four people. They are also more unusual to see and can offer your dining room something for guests to look at as they walk in. Also, remember that should you ever need to, you can place a few square tables next to one another to create a single, larger table.

Finally, round or oval tables are perfect for smaller dining rooms, since they take up less space. They can also make people feel more at home, as round tables convey feelings of coziness and equality all around.

3. Choose the Right Size

As we said, you know better than anyone how a prospective table will look in your dining room and how many people it will usually seat. We have found that a good rule of thumb to use in the interior design business, especially when selecting furniture, is to go with pieces that are larger than you think you need. This is because people tend to have no idea how fast that space gets used up once you start placing decorations on your table, such as plants, napkin holders, and so on. Plus, you will always have that extra space for additional guests should you need it.

4. Choose the Right Materials

Just as important as all of these factors is the look of your table, as in, what will it be made of? By far, one of the most popular options is hardwood, since it’s durable and looks good. A nice, dark, wooden dining room table can lend your dining room an air of elegance. Meanwhile, if you have a more modern space, a glass table might be what you really need. Remember that glass will always need cleaning from smudges and fingerprints, but this is nothing some glass cleaner and a rag won’t correct.

As long as we are talking about modern looks, metal tabletops also work if your dining room is set in an industrial space, like in a brick alcove or just off a stainless steel kitchen. On the other hand, if classic and elegant are your top priorities, a marble table may be just the thing. A marble dining room table gives off an impression of luxury and old-time elegance. We recommend marble dining room tables for those truly ornate dining rooms.

Experienced Dining Room Designers in Houston

You can see now just how much time and effort goes into designing the interior spaces of your home. Your rooms deserve this effort because you have to look at them every day, and once those decisions are made, you are the one who must live with them.

For us at Dream by MJS Interiors, we put in the time to get to know you and your home so we can suggest the perfect decor for each room. When you want the best of the best in dining room design in Houston, contact us at 713-999-1222, or use our online contact form. We listen to your vision and get you a quote that works for you. Call us today to get started on your own dream.