Media Room Decor: Designing Your Perfect Space

Have you ever curled up on your couch and dreamed of having a dedicated media room in your home? A room that exists solely for the purpose of watching movies. It might feel a little indulgent, but if you can dream it, we can do it. We’ll help you pick out the best home theater decor to personalize your house, and give you a media room so good, everyone will want you to host movie night.

If you’re not sure quite what a media room is, a media room is a multi-purpose room in your home that is often used for watching TV, listening to music, playing games, and entertaining guests. It can easily transform from a home theater to a game room or a listening room. Imagine enjoying some craft cocktails with friends one moment and then revealing a hidden TV to watch a movie or sporting event the next.

The media room has taken the place of the dedicated home theater, serving as a more functional, multi-purpose space that allows for other uses. With the cost of movie tickets on the rise, it’s no surprise that media rooms are becoming more popular. Media rooms allow you to be flexible, choosing when to start or stop the film, which movies to show, and more importantly, who to let in.

Every Night Can Be Movie Night

There is no limit to the type of media room design we can create. From basic to ostentatious, family-friendly to more man cave, Dream by MJS Interiors will take your multimedia room design to another level. We’ve designed home theater rooms for the bold, and for the more subdued palette.

Before we begin to transform your space, we’ll need to first have a solid idea of how you want your room to look. Often, media rooms require additional electrical needs, like special wiring or more outlets. Sometimes, but not always, they can even require a multi-level floor. We can create a space that is as high or low tech as you want.

Let us create the media room of your dreams. Contact us now for a free consultation.

How to Renovate a Bathroom

Tired of your old, outdated bathroom? If your bathroom is stressing you out, a renovation might be in your future. The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, but bathroom renovations can be the most stressful. Sometimes, what starts as a small redesign becomes a colossal construction project that leaves everyone tearing out their hair.

Remodeling your bathroom can be as simple as changing towels, and bath mats, and swapping out the shower curtain, or more complex involving knocking down walls. You don’t need to spend a fortune to complete a successful bathroom remodel-- these budget bathroom renovations will surprise you.

Decide on Your Must Haves First

Never go into a renovation project without a plan. This means that you’ll want to choose what your deal breakers are. Focus on your absolute needs first, like a tile floor or converting a tub to a shower, and then plan your project around that. Obviously you’ll set your budget and determine what kind of project you can do based on that number. Use that number to figure out if you can afford any extras and then decide what those extras will be. Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t stress over budget--there are plenty of bathroom renovations you can do on a budget.

You may also want to decide on a theme or color scheme during this time, as well as choosing fixtures and accessories.

Give Yourself a Reasonable Timeframe

One issue we see over and over is clients who don’t set a reasonable timeframe for their bathroom upgrades. It is believed that because a bathroom is small, it will not take long to renovate--this is a myth. A bathroom renovation can take a long time, particularly if you opt to do the work yourself. Hiring a professional may cost more money, but the job is often done in a fraction of the time. If your home only has a single bathroom, you’ll want to stay away from jobs that will take a long time.

Lay it Out

You don’t need to be a designer to do this. Start with a basic sketch to get an idea of how you’d like your powder room to look. Laying out the room will also help you find ways to maximize your space, and if you hire a contractor, will give them a clear picture of what you’re expecting.

A key thing to remember is to keep plumbing in the same location. Plumbing changes can cost well above $5,000. If you are unsure about which layout changes you can make, consult the help of a professional.

Know When to Hire a Professional

Electrical work, and plumbing are particular tasks that may be better left to a professional. If you’re not sure where to begin, you will benefit from the guidance and expertise of a contractor or architect. They will give you the best possible ideas for an efficient, timely bathroom renovation. They will also keep your bathroom up to code.

You deserve a beautiful bathroom. At Dream by MJS Interiors, we’ve got more than 30 years transforming bathrooms. Let us help you design a more beautiful bathroom in Houston. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Kitchen Design Trends 2019

A great kitchen is the focal point of any home. Used for more than just cooking, kitchens are rapidly becoming the epicenter for entertaining. Keep an eye on these trends to watch for in 2019 and get ready to create your perfect kitchen.

Create a Kitchen that Dazzles

Ignore what you think your kitchen should look like. 2019 is going to be about bucking the trends with more bespoke design cropping up almost everywhere. 2018 had no shortage of interesting designs, and 2019 does not appear to be any different. You can expect a more industrial feel, brass taps and hidden storage. Without further ado, here are the trends in kitchen design to watch for in the coming year.

Storage is King

Multi-purpose spaces will reign supreme this year. Instead of more traditional butler’s pantries, storage walls will take the lead. Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets flush with the wall, lower storage spaces, and a centralized island will round out the space. Enjoy the convenience of a large amount of storage without being seen.

Open Shelving

Poised to take the place of more traditional cabinetry, open shelving is an excellent way to display your dishes or cookware, enabling you to keep an eye on your personal inventory and display special pieces prominently. It is worthwhile to note, though, that open shelving is not a good idea for pieces you use only occasionally. The open design means they will accumulate dust. Use this concept for pieces that you use regularly.

Gold and Copper Accents

Gold, especially rose gold, and copper adds an extra element of class to your kitchen. Use these for small fixtures such as taps or door handles. They can provide a contrast of color and a bit of texture to change the vibe of your kitchen. These finishes also create a vintage, upper-class ambiance to the room without emptying your pockets.

Matte-colored Appliances

Dark matte finishes are taking over in 2019, replacing the once-popular glossy black appliances of years past. The matte finish reduces the appearance of dirt and fingerprints while offering a sleek style reminiscent of sleep, sexy supercars.

Pendant Lighting

Suspended lighting has made a comeback in kitchens recently. Consumers enjoy the visual effect that only pull-down lighting delivers, and fixtures can be matched to existing accents.

Unique Kitchen Materials

2019 is going to be all about making a statement. Incorporating stone, natural wood, and even concrete will give your kitchen a timeless look, keeping on trend without being too trendy. Pair these finishes with plants, an indoor herb garden, and minimal hardware will give you a touch of the outdoors inside, making for an almost garden-like space.

Make 2019 your year. Stop dreaming about your new space, and make it real. The team at Dream by MJS will turn your vision into your gorgeous new kitchen. Contact us now to make turn your ideas into a possibility.

Tips to Design for Eclectic Style

Think about your personal style. Do you like clean, minimalistic designs? Bright pops of color? Antique furniture or vintage pieces? Do you like them all? If you answered yes, your style can be described as eclectic.




  1. deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Eclectic design seeks to bring together a variety of styles, textures, and colors to create an entirely new look, one that cannot be found in any design magazine or manual. Such broad-based tastes can only come from your own imagination. If your particular vision doesn’t look like anything other designers have created, you haven’t worked with Dream by MJS.

How to Bring Your Eclectic Tastes to Life

Eclectic style can look cluttered if not done correctly; it can look busy and feel overwhelming. Use these five handy tips to create a refined eclectic look in your home, one that doesn’t look random.

  • Plan a color scheme

Even the most eclectic design will benefit from the continuity a set color palette will provide. Choose the colors you want, whether they’re neutral, or bright, and weave that color throughout your design. Don’t hit anyone over the head with color, but make sure it is clearly woven throughout your design.

  • Don’t buy the entire set

Resist the urge to buy an entire living room group. Instead, find a few distinct pieces you love and create your own design by marrying several styles. By purchasing pieces separately, you’ll avoid your home looking like a showroom.

  • Play with textures

Mixing different textures is an easy way to create a unique looking space. You can create a glamorous look by pairing rich golds and reds with velvet; create an industrial look by mixing exposed brick and metals. Mixing textures can make a big impact and create a beautiful visual.

  • Choose a focal point

Your focal point could be an accent wall, a fireplace, or a bold personal piece. This becomes a conversation piece for the room, tying everything together and showcasing your personal tastes.

  • Mix time periods

This is where you can really have some fun. You can combine art deco with shabby-chic, mid-century modern with vintage pieces--there is no right or wrong way to do this. If you have a few different styles you love, like rustic and industrial, this is a great way to build yourself a completely unique room that you will love spending time in.

A final word, don’t overdo it. This is probably the most important takeaway we can provide.  There are a right way and a wrong way to build an eclectic styled room. You don’t want a design that feels chaotic. If you’re going for an eclectic design, keep it consistent throughout your whole home. Choose eclectic decor that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Dream by MJS will help you create your personal, eclectic style, giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of. Why be trapped by someone else’s style? Call us now for a design consultation in Houston.

How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Your living room was designed to be lived in. You can create literally dozens of furniture arrangements to best suit your needs, but where do you start? There are a lot of things to consider, like how the room gets used, budget, your personal style and more.

A little planning can go a long way in helping you decide how to arrange your living room. Don’t overthink it. Find the right living room seating for your home to make the best use of your space.

Arranging Your Living Room Furniture--Where to Begin

In many homes, the living room is the social hub. Family gatherings, or casual TV watching, movie nights--whatever you use the room for, creating the right seating arrangement matters. The wrong furniture layout can make a room feel off, or disrupt the natural flow.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of how to use the space. Take your cue from the design tips, and start planning your new furniture layout.

Keep Entryways Clear

Create a clear path for everyone to walk on. Taking traffic flow into consideration will prevent you from walking into furniture or having to move things out of your way to get around. The room will feel more welcoming and won’t feel cluttered.

Don’t Push Furniture Against the Walls

As tempting as it might be to push all the furniture against the walls, it actually makes a room feel smaller, not larger. This breathing room is important, as it allows people to move around and find their comfortable spot. The furniture should “float”.

Use the Right Sized Rugs

Aim for rugs being underneath all of the furniture if possible. If you’re using an area rug, you’ll want it to be large enough that all the furniture should comfortably rest on it. If that isn’t an option, at the very minimum, the front legs of your furniture should rest on the rug, with the back legs on the floor.

Light the Way

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a room, one that we fail to pay attention to. Most people just stick a lamp in the corner and they’re done. Incorporate a variety of lighting, including overhead lighting, table lamps, and corner lamps. Open curtains to let as much natural light in as possible as well.

Use Arrange-A-Room for Some Ideas

If you are considering making a change to your living room arrangement, Arrange-a-Room is a great tool. This virtual room arranging tool helps you arrange your space without moving your furniture. Explore different seating arrangements, or add new pieces of furniture in with just a  few clicks.

Don’t change your living room seating until you use this tool. If you’d prefer, sketch out the design to plan your new arrangement or just takes jot down ideas. You can also find inspiration on sites like Pinterest.

With this helpful guide, you'll be on your way to designing a new living room in no time.

How to Create your Dream Living Room

Your living room should be one of the focal points of your house, where lots of living is done. Unfortunately, most of us spend very little time actually using our living room. Looking to create a living room you can actually use? Before you lose your mind trying to decide on the perfect living room, relax. Follow these steps for an easy, stress-free approach to creating that perfectly lived in space.

Creating a Lived in Living Room

A great living space starts with a great idea.  It’s important to spend a little time thinking about your goals for your living room. How do you envision your space? Should it be modern and open? Would you like a complete overhaul, or would you prefer to repurpose what you already have? Do you have children living with you? Pets? Are you working with a shoestring budget? Whichever scenario applies to you, creating just the right room layout and design is the main goal.

Try to decide what you want the room to feel like. If you want something that functions more as a media room, you might just want to upgrade your tv and your seating options. On the other hand, a more showy, elaborate space will require a larger budget and a completely new design. Whatever your tastes are, creating your dream living room, lived in, or not, can be fun.

Try a Virtual Room Designer

Want to play with the layout of your room without moving all the furniture? Make use of a virtual room design tool. You can view before and after designs to get a feel for how your living room could look. These tools allow you to create your dream room in a few easy steps. Simply draw your space, add furniture and you’re done! You’ll get an instant 3D rendering that shows you the new space you’ve created in just a few clicks.

The Devil is in the Details

If you’re not sure where to look for ideas for your perfect new living space, Google is an excellent resource. A simple search will return dozens of ideas. Pinterest is another helpful tool that can showcase virtually unlimited design ideas. If you can dream it, we can do it at Dreams by MJS.

Set your budget, choose your color scheme, and your layout, and we’ll do the rest. In a short while, you’ll be enjoying your dream living room that you created.

Interior Design Games: How to Make Decorating Your Home Fun

Decorating your home isn’t always enjoyable--some folks find it downright daunting. If you want to decorate your home but you’re not sure where to start, or how to get inspired, these helpful hints will have your creative juices flowing in no time.

Finding inspiration in everyday things

Inspiration is everywhere you look. Start by just creating a plan for how you think you’d like your room to look. Whether this is jotting down a few notes, or actually sketching out the room itself, planning out how you want your room to look can help maintain your vision.

Find a few pieces you’re tired of. If you can’t or don’t want to repurpose them, get rid of them. Clearing clutter frees the mind, allowing you more creativity and freedom in design choices. Getting started is simple.

    1. Start small--there’s no need to reinvent the wheel here. Quick refreshes can bring new life to any room. Have you ever visited a friend’s place after they’ve rearranged their living room? There might not be anything new in the room, but a simple change like moving the couch can change the entire look of that room.
    2. Repurpose what you already have.  Do you have a table in your living room that would be better suited for your bedroom? Switch it up. You don’t need to spend money to redecorate your place. Applying a fresh coat of paint can wake up an old piece of furniture and create a whole new dynamic in your living space.
    3. Make a game out of it.  Challenge yourself to revamp a room in your house or apartment in an hour. Decide to only spend $50 retooling the bathroom. Rework your bedroom using only things you already have--the list goes on and on. Small challenges like this will keep you on your toes, forcing you to be creative with your designs. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, or a lot of money. You can even take on the task of some diy projects. Seeing a project through to the end brings a great sense of accomplishment.

Let rooms evolve naturally

By exercising a bit of patience, you can let your rooms evolve naturally. Stay away from trends that make your space look dated. Keep challenging yourself to find new and different ways to keep the space fresh.

Yard sales and thrift stores are veritable treasure troves for home decor. Sometimes you can even find brand new items at steep discounts. New-to-you items are a great way to change things up without spending a fortune.

Taking some before and after pictures can also be a great resource for keeping things interesting. Seeing how a room used to look can give you ideas for what you’d like to do again, or mistakes you’d like to never reveal. Take pictures of other spaces as well. You’ll never know when inspiration will strike!

The next time you’re in a design rut, use these helpful ideas to inspire your creativity. Here’s to more beautiful spaces in 2018 and 2019.

Interior Design Trends for 2018 and 2019

Your space is just that--yours. If you want to make your personal space feel more personal, check out these trends in home design for the rest of this year and next. From different textures to the must-have colors of the season, we’re here to tell you about the hottest room decor trends to try, and which ones to forget.

Less stuff, more clarity

2018 has been the year of the purge. More and more people are scaling back, adopting a more minimalist approach. We’ve gotten rid of more of our stuff, clearing not just our space, but our minds as well.

This decluttering trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019. More than decluttering, more and more Americans are looking for more efficient, clean designs, hoping to maximize their space to create a soothing, comfortable environment.

What’s in store for home design?

When it comes to our living spaces, we’re all about function and efficiency. Small details are making big statements. Over the next year, you can expect to see :

Natural wood finishes

While dark  woods have been the trends in recent years, this year is all about creating more natural looking environments. Natural wood creates a warm environment that lets light in. Pair this with warm nature elements to create an inviting space. Combine natural wood with details like stone or pebble accents or concrete furniture to create a truly unique, natural look.

Neutral spaces with pops of color

Nude and soft matte finishes are king this year.  Instead of making the entire room bright and colorful, this year is all about accenting. Add pops of colors through pillows, rugs or wall art, while keeping the rest of the space calm. Sage green is the hot color this year, blending perfectly with the natural woods we discussed earlier. Soft, matte finishes keep things comfortable and pair well with any details.

Neutrals pair well with most other colors to make accents the main focal point. This allows for personal touches to round out that more personal environment.

Statement walls

Photo credit:

Wallpaper is making a come back. Rather than cover your entire living space, focus on creating a single statement wall. Highlighting a single wall in a room or across multiple rooms is an excellent way to add some color and texture to any space. Fabric, wallpaper, tiles or paint are all great ways to enhance the overall atmosphere of any room.

Photo credit:

Sustainability and Upcycling

Repurposed objects are a great way to add personality and function to virtually any room. Giving new life to old pieces is not only better for the environment, it’s better for your wallet. Use items you already own to decorate your house.

Compact, efficient designs often benefit from upcycling. You may find that a table you were tired of in the living room might be better suited for a bedroom. Moving the table may save you having to buy a nightstand, saving you from having to get rid of the table, and creating a more eco-friendly option for your home. See how these work in tandem?

If your home is in need of a facelift, these trends can help guide your decision. Here’s to happy home decorating!


How to Pick the Right Interior Design Firm

When you’re looking for an interior design firm to decorate your home, it’s important that you find one that’s a good fit. You’ll want to hire a firm that keeps your personal style, and your budget, in mine. More importantly, you want a firm that listens to your needs. So how do you find just the right one?

Do Your Research

First things first. Before you begin your search for a design firm, it’s important you do your research to better understand what you’re trying to do. Start with a basic plan. Do you want a minor change, like new window treatments downstairs, or are you looking for something more complicated, like a complete kitchen remodel? The job you want done will dictate the type of interior architect you need.

Once you’ve determined the type of project you’re looking to have done, start gathering names of local professional designers. After you’ve found a few names, find their reviews, and start talking to the ones that you shortlist. Be sure to check references of any designer you are considering and provide as much information as you can about the project. Check references and go with the designer that best suits your needs.

Find Your Style

Start by finding pictures of spaces that match your design style. Think about colors, textures, overall aesthetic. Design magazines are a great starting point to find styles that speak to you. Are you a post-modern lover, or is your style more classic? Looking to spice things up with some bright colors, or just looking to keep things neutral? Whatever you’re looking for, make sure you properly communicate your ideas.

Set Your Budget (and Stick To It!

This is perhaps the most important step. The average homeowner spends between about $1,800 and $8,500 on their home design project, though that amount can obviously vary. Discuss your non-negotiables with your designer, as well as your “nice to haves”, while communicating the exact amount you have to spend. An experienced designer will take this into account when developing your design. Remember--great design doesn’t have to break the bank!

Why Dreams by MJS is the Right Design for You

At Dreams by MJS, we believe that great design can be easy, and accessible. As a top interior design firm in Houston, we’ve made it our mission to fulfil our customer’s most outrageous design needs. When you contact us, we’ll discuss all of your options. Keeping your budget in mind, we’ll develop a comprehensive plan to bring your designs to life. We are committed to making your dreams a reality.

Every project we take on is custom designed to meet your needs. We know that no two people have the same vision. It’s why we’re a YES company. If you can dream it, we can do it. We’ve been delighting our customers for more than 30 years--it’s time for us to delight you.


Fall Decorating Ideas

Decorating for fall can be tricky for people living in warmer areas.  After all, the true mark of fall is when the air seems a little crisper than usual, and you start breaking out your cozy sweaters and blankets.  However, you can still get into the fall spirit regardless of where you live! The weather in Houston, for example, tends to stay in the 70s during the fall season, so while you might still be rocking a t-shirt and shorts well into October, here are some fall decorating ideas to give your home a cozy autumn vibe.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

Pumpkins are pretty much a fall decorative staple, and their beautiful and timeless look never gets old.  Depending on the color scheme you are going for, you can decorate using traditional orange pumpkins, or you can get creative and spray paint pumpkins to achieve a certain look.  White pumpkins are extremely popular during the fall season, as they provide a more muted, toned down look. Pink pumpkins are also a big trend this year, and many craft stores sell faux pink pumpkins so that you don’t have to do any of the dirty work.  Depending on the colors inside and outside of your home, you can decide whether you’d rather go the natural route with classic orange pumpkins, or if you want to experiment with some fun colors.

Spice Up Your Entryway

Your entryway is the first thing people see when they come to your home, so why not make it pretty?  One way you can spice up your entryway is by adding a cool wreath to your front door. You can either buy a premade one or DIY your own!  If you choose to make your own wreath, head to your local craft store and pick up a simple wreath. From there, you can choose decorations such as ribbon, pinecones, and any other fall items you want to put in your wreath.  Hanging a fall wreath on your door will have your guests talking, and you’re sure to get plenty of compliments! Another fun way to decorate your entryway is by arranging some crates and haystacks around the door. You can stack pumpkins, scarecrows, and other fall decor on top to create a warm, welcoming vibe.

Add Cozy Touches

When it comes to decorating for fall, it’s all about the details!  One of the easiest ways to warm up a space is by lighting some candles.  Bath & Body Works makes some great fall-themed candles, and with scents like Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Frosted Cranberry, your home will smell yummy and inviting.  Fall is also a great time to break out your cozy blankets and throw pillows. If your collection could use a serious upgrade, stores like Target and HomeGoods sell cute, affordable throw blankets and pillows to spice up your couch or bed.  Lastly, hanging up string lights gives your home a warm glow and also allows you to use less overhead lighting, which can be especially relaxing.

This fall season, be sure to try out some of these decor ideas and watch your home transform into a cozy autumn wonderland!