Contemporary living room design

How to Design Your Home with Contemporary Interior Style?

Classical yet simplistic encapsulates contemporary interior design style. It establishes a look of timelessness, assuring your home will never look outdated. Creating an atmosphere of serenity through architectural elements, decorations, bold scales, and consistent color palettes, it can fashion a comfortable space accompanied by sophistication. Without a doubt, when anyone steps into your home, its luxurious design will definitely be on the table of conversation. 

Ready to make your dreams a reality, Dream by MJS Interiors can help you get started no matter what you are looking for. Satisfying our clients’ needs of practicality alongside creative originality, we can create your ultimate vision for your home. We’ll help you to consider the merits of incorporating contemporary interior design, and what it takes to capture it with ease. 

How to Design with Contemporary Interior Style

Uncovering what it takes to lay the foundation for your interior style, you’ll be able to begin your contemporary design project. With MJS Interiors’ expertise, our designers will alleviate the pressures of when it comes to styling your home. 

1.) Line and Space 

Found within architectural details, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture, line and space are crucial design elements. Taking advantage of structural aspects like these establishes crisp and exquisite textures and makes a room appear more spacious. Creating this space on walls and in between decor allows for each piece to stand out on its own, presenting them as unique and individualized. 

2.) Contemporary-Style Furniture 

Furniture can help your space to stand out, but keep in mind to avoid cluttering it with too many pieces. Smooth and clean lines categorize Contemporary-style furniture without curves or decoration. They come in neutral, black, or white tones and use natural fibers to add textural appeal. Upholstery and pillows can even add a splash of color on a couch or a chair. 

3.) Art and Lighting 

Frames in high-gloss, matte black, natural wood, or metal finishes are perfect if you would like some artwork in your home. You can even group paintings close together to make it appear as though it is one large piece. Other framed art or sculptures can be placed on an elegant, structural column or furniture as well. To draw attention to them, track, recessed, and cove lightings are great ideas as well. Plus, including color and metallic elements can add some artistic flair. 

Sensational Contemporary Interior Design

Bringing a room together, contemporary interior design will never go out of style. From the use of line and space, refined furniture, and art and lighting, our designers recognize its simple beauty. Easily, your home will have a sleek and polished finish and a look that is all of its own. No one will stop talking about its elegance. 

If you are ready to headstart your home project, don’t hesitate to contact Dream by MJS Interiors today for contemporary interior design in Houston, TX!

Blue master bedroom interior design

What Are the Best Colors to Use for a Master Bedroom?

The master bedroom is a special place in your home. It’s where you retreat every night to relax and go to sleep after a long day. Therefore, when you are building a house or completely remodeling your existing master bedroom, it behooves you to design the room in such a way as to promote sleep, calm, and all good feelings.

Maybe you have never heard of this idea before, but the color, setup, and design of a room really can influence your mental state every time you enter. And since you would like to feel relaxed and happy in this most personal of rooms, it is well worth your time and effort to think about what color your brain would enjoy experiencing day after day in the master bedroom. There is a lot to consider, from base colors to accenting colors, to the colors of the various room elements, including lamps, bedding, carpeting, and tile.

So, let’s start learning about the best colors to use for a master bedroom so that when you need master bedroom design in Houston, TX, you can tell us exactly what you have in mind.


It comes as probably no surprise at all that blue is the first color on our list, for it is popularly known as a color that instills people with senses of peace and calm. Those are excellent feelings to experience when you are trying to relax and fall asleep, but let’s get more specific with the shades of blue you have available to you.

Dusky blue is a nice, conservative shade that will pair well with whites or creams to create a cheery and uplifting mood in the room. It has also been suggested that people with bedrooms painted light blue tend to get more sleep, since the color may remind people of the relaxing qualities of water or the sky. Meanwhile, the bolder, more vibrant royal blue will work well alongside light browns, whites, and tans (basically any kind of beach theme).

Finally, a darker blue, such as navy, is known to inspire introspection and other types of deep thought, which you may enjoy experiencing in the time before you go to sleep.


We are now moving from the popular master bedroom color of blue to the more unusual yellow. This color you may never have considered for the bedroom, but there are plenty of good reasons to paint your room the color of sunshine. And sunshine is one of those reasons! Yellow mimics sunshine in that it inspires feelings of cheerfulness, energy, and joy.

Your yellow bedroom will tend to make you feel warm and happy, even when it is cold or rainy. The color yellow has also been known to soothe anxious thoughts that come from depression. You may even find yourself waking up earlier and starting your day with a better attitude than you’ve ever had before.

When going for yellow in the master, you can choose from a pale yellow or the bolder tones of a mustard color. Some people find that pale yellow recalls a rustic farmhouse-type setting, while a deeper yellow is more generally calming. The choices are yours, but rest assured you will be doing something truly unique by painting your bedroom any shade of yellow.


Like blue and yellow before it, green is another excellent choice to paint your master bedroom because of its associations with the calming aspects of the greenery of nature. Many people find solace in the natural world of forests, fields, and mountains, all of which sport multiple shades of green in the warm, sunny seasons. To bring those shades into the master bedroom is to create senses of peace, freshness, and safety.

Sage green is a lovely light green that will go well alongside accented colors such as whites, creams, and light browns. A darker moss green works with the same complementing colors, but its deeper tone conjures up imagery of dark forests, which can make you feel content and secure. Just as with deep blue, moss green can help you fall asleep faster. Meanwhile, the darker tones of pea-green can make you feel as though you are in a cave. This can stir deep thought and help you to sleep, as well.


The final color we are discussing here is purple, a color you may never have considered for a space such as a master bedroom. A purple room has been said to be reminiscent of flowers, and since purple does not often appear in the natural world, it is a color that truly stands out. Purple is also the color of royalty, which can really set up your bedroom as being elegant.

A lighter purple, such as lavender, can have a calming effect, but it is important that the tone be closer to blue than red, since red can overstimulate and prevent you from getting decent sleep. A royal or dark purple is perfect for inducing calm, relaxation, and the ability to sleep, but a brighter, bolder purple will tend to energize, so we try to steer clients away from any kind of lively purple in the master bedroom.

Trusted Master Bedroom Design in Houston

Bedrooms are among the most important rooms in the house since they are the places where we become calm enough to go to sleep. Therefore, the color of your master bedroom deserves your utmost attention when you are redesigning your house or building it from scratch.

Dream by MJS Interiors has more than 30 years of experience turning people’s home redesign visions into reality. When you need reliable master bedroom design in Houston, TX, get in touch with us. We will listen to what you want and provide the best solutions. When you are enjoying your luxurious new bedroom, you will be thrilled that you called Dream.

Simple and functional home office design near a window

What is the Optimal Home Office Design for Productivity?

Working from home can provide an escape from the buzz of office life. Still, when it comes to a home office, you need to remain focused. This is why taking the time to design a high-quality office space is crucial to boost your effectiveness no matter what kind of project you are working on.

Thankfully, at Dream by MJS Interiors, we recognize what customers need to style their space and help themselves become more efficient. We also account for how the room should encapsulate your personality and interests. Our designers learn about your vision for your room, taking into account how the layout of a room establishes the feel of the space.

We have impressed our customers with our impeccable tastes in style for 30 years. When it comes to your home office, imagine yourself working within the comfort of your own home and in a style that actually increases your productivity. You will feel happier knowing you are performing at top capacity inside your exquisitely designed home office.

How to Design Your Home Office

Transforming your office into a polished space is effortless with Dream by MJS Interiors. We take into account people’s needs, believing a room should showcase who someone is as a person. Learn how to lay out your home office for peak performance by following the pointers below.

1.) Placement of Your Office and Its Furnishings 

If you prefer to work in silence, then find a quiet corner of the house to place your office. This will allow you to think clearly, as no noise will interrupt your thoughts. Another aspect to consider is to have the option to transform your desk into a standing one for the day or even adding cushions for comfort. Most importantly, be sure to style your space to your liking, since you will be spending most of your day there. 

2.) Natural Lighting

Compared to artificial lighting, natural lighting raises well-being and overall happiness. Your windows’ sunlight is not only energy-efficient but also adds an element of comfort. Sunlight can make the dullest space appear more enticing and opulent. It can reduce stress and compel you to work harder.

3.) Motivating Touches

Inspirational quotes adorning the walls or even a potted plant or two can spice up your office. Posters help you to keep your chin up, even when you are caught up in the workday blues. Adding some greenery creates a delicate ambiance to calm and lift the atmosphere of the room. Both of these are graceful, yet understated aspects of design add some color, too, helping to soothe the nerves and alleviate anxiety.

Elegant Office Design

At Dream by MJS Interiors, we take pride in transforming any space into a chic home office. Incorporating the elements we have described will aid in reducing idleness and increasing productivity while still capturing the posh workspace you have long desired. Natural lighting, motivational decorations, and lush greenery are all components of finery. Personal touches are vital, as well, ensuring you have space that caters to your wants and interests.

With captivating styles and tastes, our designers are prepared to meet our customers’ needs no matter the situation. We know how to choose the correct details and furnishings for your home office vision. Contact Dream by MJS Interiors to start benefiting from our flawless home office design in Houston, TX.

Home media room TV with remote controls on a table

The Best Home Theater Design Ideas for 2020

A trip to the movies is a treat that everyone loves, so why not bring that into your home to experience anytime you want? One of the most luxurious additions you can make to any home is your own personal home theater. This is the perfect room for anyone who entertains often or just for anyone who wants a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy their favorite movies. Like any other room in the house, some styles work best for home theaters. You need to make sure you have everything right, from getting the best equipment to finding media room seating in Houston, TX.  

If you’re interested in having a media room added to your home, here are some of the best home theater designs that will be huge in 2020.  

Gilded Theater

If you’re looking for a classic theater look, rather than a movie theater, a gilded theater is the right design for you. With a gilded theater right in your own home, you can always feel like you’re experiencing a world-class performance. Gilded theaters are incredibly opulent, with golden accents and plenty of plush red velvet. This will be sure to impress all of your guests. This design can be a lot of work to pull off and makes a big statement, but you can be sure that it’ll be in style for years to come. 

Mid-Century Modern

What better way to decorate a theatre than by taking notes from Hollywood’s golden age? During the ‘50s, movies brought us some of the most famous stars of the century and had a major impact on our culture. If you’re a fan of old films with big names like Cary Grant and Elizabeth Taylor, you might want a home theater that fits with the trends from that period. Although Hollywood has changed since then, you can still feel like you’re a part of it with a mid-century modern style that many people had during this time. 

Cozy Family Room

For families, the practicality of a media room or home theater can be much more important than the design. While you want something that looks nice, it also needs to be functional and inviting. This is also a good route if you want the design of your home theater to blend in with the rest of your home. Rather than individual setting like you would have in a normal theater, you might prefer large couches that everyone can pile on. The right home theater for families might also have other features, like tables or desks, so that the room can have multiple uses. 

Modern Theater 

No matter what style the rest of the home is, modern design for home theaters is one of the most popular designs. When it comes to decorating a theater, this can also be one of the most simple. This is perfect for people who want a real theater experience at home and no extra decorations in the room to distract them. Sleep designs and a simple color pattern are all you need to create the perfect environment to enjoy a movie.

Sports Room 

Many people will use their home theater as a way to watch sports on the big screen. If you’re a big sports fan, you might want your theater to reflect that part of you. Including decor for your favorite teams is the perfect way to make the room unique. For the most devoted sports fans, having a home theater that feels like a sports bar is the ideal situation. Having a home theater is an easy way to be sure that you have enough room to have all your friends over to watch a game.

Wooden table as part of a beautiful dining room design

How to Choose the Perfect Dining Room Table

So, you have finally moved into your dream home and are tasked with getting a few rooms redesigned and refurnished. This kind of opportunity is enormously freeing but also a tremendous challenge. With the number of available options out there, how do you narrow down what you see to just a few favorites? And, of those favorites, how do you know that what you have chosen will seamlessly blend with the decor in the rest of the room?

Fortunately, you have access to a team of interior design experts when you work with Dream by MJS Interiors. We have more than 30 years of interior design experience in both residential and commercial spaces. If you’re looking for a uniquely stunning dining room design in Houston, TX, you will want to try out our luxury interior design services. We can help you choose everything from your dining room wall decorations to the dining room table that sits beneath them.

To that last point, how do you choose the perfect dining room table for your room? It isn’t an easy decision. After all, this is where you will likely be eating every day or at least for major holidays and other events that include family and friends. You want your table to give off the right message, to welcome people to dine in your home.

Let’s take you through some of our thoughts on selecting the perfect dining room table for your house. We hope this gives you an example of how we approach certain aspects of your redesign projects.

Finding the Ideal Dining Room Table

The perfect dining room table will encompass everything about you and your home. It will reflect the feeling you want to convey to guests while still being practical as a place for eating. Here are some pointers.

1. Select a Table for Your Circumstances

To start, generally, the perfect dining room table for your home is going to be one that meets your specific needs. For instance, will you use it for daily meals, or only for special occasions? In either situation, how many people will be eating at it? Furthermore, what kind of dining room do you have? Is it more of a decorative, indoor room that is meant to be kept nice? Or is yours located in an informal outdoor porch area? These details will determine the type and size of the dining room table you should select. A dining room table set in more of a formal room should appear as such to match. A table that gets a lot of use should be more durable and less formal.

2. Choose the Right Shape

You know better than anyone what table shape will work best for you based on the size and shape of your dining room. Most dining rooms are rectangular to allow for long tables that can seat numerous guests. However, if you have an unusually shaped room or want to be a little different in your selection, feel free to go for something people wouldn’t normally expect.

A rectangular dining room table is the most commonly seen because it fits the traditional dining room and can seat the most people. Remember that a lot of rectangular tables are sold with leaves that can be placed in the table to extend it and seat even more people.

Square tables appear more intimate since they usually seat only two to four people. They are also more unusual to see and can offer your dining room something for guests to look at as they walk in. Also, remember that should you ever need to, you can place a few square tables next to one another to create a single, larger table.

Finally, round or oval tables are perfect for smaller dining rooms, since they take up less space. They can also make people feel more at home, as round tables convey feelings of coziness and equality all around.

3. Choose the Right Size

As we said, you know better than anyone how a prospective table will look in your dining room and how many people it will usually seat. We have found that a good rule of thumb to use in the interior design business, especially when selecting furniture, is to go with pieces that are larger than you think you need. This is because people tend to have no idea how fast that space gets used up once you start placing decorations on your table, such as plants, napkin holders, and so on. Plus, you will always have that extra space for additional guests should you need it.

4. Choose the Right Materials

Just as important as all of these factors is the look of your table, as in, what will it be made of? By far, one of the most popular options is hardwood, since it’s durable and looks good. A nice, dark, wooden dining room table can lend your dining room an air of elegance. Meanwhile, if you have a more modern space, a glass table might be what you really need. Remember that glass will always need cleaning from smudges and fingerprints, but this is nothing some glass cleaner and a rag won’t correct.

As long as we are talking about modern looks, metal tabletops also work if your dining room is set in an industrial space, like in a brick alcove or just off a stainless steel kitchen. On the other hand, if classic and elegant are your top priorities, a marble table may be just the thing. A marble dining room table gives off an impression of luxury and old-time elegance. We recommend marble dining room tables for those truly ornate dining rooms.

Experienced Dining Room Designers in Houston

You can see now just how much time and effort goes into designing the interior spaces of your home. Your rooms deserve this effort because you have to look at them every day, and once those decisions are made, you are the one who must live with them.

For us at Dream by MJS Interiors, we put in the time to get to know you and your home so we can suggest the perfect decor for each room. When you want the best of the best in dining room design in Houston, contact us at 713-999-1222, or use our online contact form. We listen to your vision and get you a quote that works for you. Call us today to get started on your own dream.

Neutral toned living room design with couches and trinkets

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating a Living Room

The living room is the gathering place in many homes. Your living room also serves many purposes, from entertaining guests, to enjoying a night in with your family, to spending some quality time on your own. Because of this, many want a living room that stylish while remaining functional, although the perfect blend can be hard to achieve. When it comes to decorating a living room, many end up falling short. For the perfect look, you might want to consider finding an interior designer who can do living room design in Houston, TX

Decorating is a difficult skill to master, so many mistakes can come up when decorating. Here are four of the most common mistakes to try to avoid when decorating a living room. 

Not understanding what sizes work

No two living rooms are created equal. Many living rooms are either stuffed and crowded or awkwardly sparse. If you don’t have a trained eye for design, the size of your furniture, and the size of your room might not be that obvious. However, when you see a room with ill-fitting furniture and that same room with the right furniture, the difference is clear. While it can be hard to envision in your own home, many people don’t consider the size. They often end up with a couch that overwhelms the room, or a rug that’s too small for where it’s placed. This leaves you with a room that both looks wrong, but can also feel uncomfortable. When you get furniture that works with the size of your living room, you’ll be able to feel the difference immediately. 

Making the television the focal point

Television indeed takes up a lot of most people’s free time. This has caused many people to dedicate their living room to their TV. The truth is, even the most expensive televisions are an eyesore in living rooms. Living rooms can have a television, but that shouldn’t be the most important piece there. When all the focus is on a TV, furniture is often moved to cater to that, rather than in a way that encourages conversation. Instead, draw attention to a fireplace or artwork that you love. If you prefer to have a formal living room, this might even be something you should consider moving out of the room altogether. 

Using the wrong lighting

Overhead lighting is the killer of many otherwise stylish rooms everywhere in houses. Getting rid of any overhead lighting might not be feasible, but it doesn’t mean you only have to rely on that every day. Incorporating table and floor lamps is a great way to soften the lighting in your living room immediately. You can also try testing out different light bulb tones to see which compliments your style. Ideally, during the day, you can avoid lights completely and open all the curtains in the living room and use only natural light. For more ambiance when you have guests over, try replacing some of your artificial lighting with candlelight instead. 

Having items match too much

Buying furniture and decorations that match perfectly might seem like the easy way to tie your room together. Rooms, where everything looks as if it were made to go together, might be nice in showrooms, but it doesn’t hold up in real life. In reality, this often makes a room look dull. Few people’s personal styles fit neatly into one type, so this can often be a poor reflection of someone’s tastes and interests. The best-designed living rooms have a variety of styles. This includes mixing patterns and textiles, as well as taking inspiration from different periods.

Media room interior design with purple backlit television

Media Room Decor: Designing Your Perfect Space

Have you ever curled up on your couch and dreamed of having a dedicated media room in your home? A room that exists solely for the purpose of watching movies. It might feel a little indulgent, but if you can dream it, we can do it. We’ll help you pick out the best home theater decor to personalize your house, and give you a media room so good, everyone will want you to host movie night.

If you’re not sure quite what a media room is, a media room is a multi-purpose room in your home that is often used for watching TV, listening to music, playing games, and entertaining guests. It can easily transform from a home theater to a game room or a listening room. Imagine enjoying some craft cocktails with friends one moment and then revealing a hidden TV to watch a movie or sporting event the next.

The media room has taken the place of the dedicated home theater, serving as a more functional, multi-purpose space that allows for other uses. With the cost of movie tickets on the rise, it’s no surprise that media rooms are becoming more popular. Media rooms allow you to be flexible, choosing when to start or stop the film, which movies to show, and more importantly, who to let in.

Every Night Can Be Movie Night

There is no limit to the type of media room design we can create. From basic to ostentatious, family-friendly to more man cave, Dream by MJS Interiors will take your multimedia room design to another level. We’ve designed home theater rooms for the bold, and for the more subdued palette.

Before we begin to transform your space, we’ll need to first have a solid idea of how you want your room to look. Often, media rooms require additional electrical needs, like special wiring or more outlets. Sometimes, but not always, they can even require a multi-level floor. We can create a space that is as high or low tech as you want.

Let us create the media room of your dreams. Contact us now for a free consultation.

A bathroom in desperate need of renovation

How to Renovate a Bathroom

Tired of your old, outdated bathroom? If your bathroom is stressing you out, a renovation might be in your future. The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in the house, but bathroom renovations can be the most stressful. Sometimes, what starts as a small redesign becomes a colossal construction project that leaves everyone tearing out their hair.

Remodeling your bathroom can be as simple as changing towels, and bath mats, and swapping out the shower curtain, or more complex involving knocking down walls. You don’t need to spend a fortune to complete a successful bathroom remodel-- these budget bathroom renovations will surprise you.

Decide on Your Must-Haves First

Never go into a renovation project without a plan. This means that you’ll want to choose what your deal breakers are. Focus on your absolute needs first, like a tile floor or converting a tub to a shower, and then plan your project around that. Obviously you’ll set your budget and determine what kind of project you can do based on that number. Use that number to figure out if you can afford any extras and then decide what those extras will be. Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t stress over budget--there are plenty of bathroom renovations you can do on a budget.

You may also want to decide on a theme or color scheme during this time, as well as choosing fixtures and accessories.

Give Yourself a Reasonable Timeframe

One issue we see over and over is clients who don’t set a reasonable timeframe for their bathroom upgrades. It is believed that because a bathroom is small, it will not take long to renovate--this is a myth. A bathroom renovation can take a long time, particularly if you opt to do the work yourself. Hiring a professional may cost more money, but the job is often done in a fraction of the time. If your home only has a single bathroom, you’ll want to stay away from jobs that will take a long time.

Lay it Out

You don’t need to be a designer to do this. Start with a basic sketch to get an idea of how you’d like your powder room to look. Laying out the room will also help you find ways to maximize your space, and if you hire a contractor, it will give them a clear picture of what you’re expecting.

A key thing to remember is to keep the plumbing in the same location. Plumbing changes can cost well above $5,000. If you are unsure about which layout changes you can make, consult the help of a professional.

Know When to Hire a Professional

Electrical work and plumbing are particular tasks that may be better left to a professional. If you’re not sure where to begin, you will benefit from the guidance and expertise of a contractor or architect. They will give you the best possible ideas for an efficient, timely bathroom renovation. They will also keep your bathroom up to code.

You deserve a beautiful bathroom. At Dream by MJS Interiors, we’ve got more than 30 years transforming bathrooms. Let us help you design a more beautiful bathroom in Houston. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Neutral-toned transitional kitchen design

Kitchen Design Trends 2019

A great kitchen is the focal point of any home. Used for more than just cooking, kitchens are rapidly becoming the epicenter for entertaining. Keep an eye on these trends to watch for in 2019 and get ready to create your perfect kitchen.

Create a Kitchen that Dazzles

Ignore what you think your kitchen should look like. 2019 is going to be about bucking the trends with more bespoke design cropping up almost everywhere. 2018 had no shortage of interesting designs, and 2019 does not appear to be any different. You can expect a more industrial feel, brass taps and hidden storage. Without further ado, here are the trends in kitchen design to watch for in the coming year.

Storage is King

Multi-purpose spaces will reign supreme this year. Instead of more traditional butler’s pantries, storage walls will take the lead. Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets flush with the wall, lower storage spaces, and a centralized island will round out the space. Enjoy the convenience of a large amount of storage without being seen.

Open Shelving

Poised to take the place of more traditional cabinetry, open shelving is an excellent way to display your dishes or cookware, enabling you to keep an eye on your personal inventory and display special pieces prominently. It is worthwhile to note, though, that open shelving is not a good idea for pieces you use only occasionally. The open design means they will accumulate dust. Use this concept for pieces that you use regularly.

Gold and Copper Accents

Gold, especially rose gold, and copper adds an extra element of class to your kitchen. Use these for small fixtures such as taps or door handles. They can provide a contrast of color and a bit of texture to change the vibe of your kitchen. These finishes also create a vintage, upper-class ambiance to the room without emptying your pockets.

Matte-colored Appliances

Dark matte finishes are taking over in 2019, replacing the once-popular glossy black appliances of years past. The matte finish reduces the appearance of dirt and fingerprints while offering a sleek style reminiscent of sleep, sexy supercars.

Pendant Lighting

Suspended lighting has made a comeback in kitchens recently. Consumers enjoy the visual effect that only pull-down lighting delivers, and fixtures can be matched to existing accents.

Unique Kitchen Materials

2019 is going to be all about making a statement. Incorporating stone, natural wood, and even concrete will give your kitchen a timeless look, keeping on trend without being too trendy. Pair these finishes with plants, an indoor herb garden, and minimal hardware will give you a touch of the outdoors inside, making for an almost garden-like space.

Make 2019 your year. Stop dreaming about your new space, and make it real. The team at Dream by MJS will turn your vision into your gorgeous new kitchen. Contact us now to make turn your ideas into a possibility.

Eclectic interior design using red and golds

Tips to Design for Eclectic Style

Think about your personal style. Do you like clean, minimalistic designs? Bright pops of color? Antique furniture or vintage pieces? Do you like them all? If you answered yes, your style can be described as eclectic.




  1. deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Eclectic design seeks to bring together a variety of styles, textures, and colors to create an entirely new look, one that cannot be found in any design magazine or manual. Such broad-based tastes can only come from your own imagination. If your particular vision doesn’t look like anything other designers have created, you haven’t worked with Dream by MJS.

How to Bring Your Eclectic Tastes to Life

Eclectic style can look cluttered if not done correctly; it can look busy and feel overwhelming. Use these five handy tips to create a refined eclectic look in your home, one that doesn’t look random.

  • Plan a color scheme

Even the most eclectic design will benefit from the continuity a set color palette will provide. Choose the colors you want, whether they’re neutral, or bright, and weave that color throughout your design. Don’t hit anyone over the head with color, but make sure it is clearly woven throughout your design.

  • Don’t buy the entire set

Resist the urge to buy an entire living room group. Instead, find a few distinct pieces you love and create your own design by marrying several styles. By purchasing pieces separately, you’ll avoid your home looking like a showroom.

  • Play with textures

Mixing different textures is an easy way to create a unique looking space. You can create a glamorous look by pairing rich golds and reds with velvet; create an industrial look by mixing exposed brick and metals. Mixing textures can make a big impact and create a beautiful visual.

  • Choose a focal point

Your focal point could be an accent wall, a fireplace, or a bold personal piece. This becomes a conversation piece for the room, tying everything together and showcasing your personal tastes.

  • Mix time periods

This is where you can really have some fun. You can combine art deco with shabby-chic, mid-century modern with vintage pieces--there is no right or wrong way to do this. If you have a few different styles you love, like rustic and industrial, this is a great way to build yourself a completely unique room that you will love spending time in.

A final word, don’t overdo it. This is probably the most important takeaway we can provide.  There are a right way and a wrong way to build an eclectically styled room. You don’t want a design that feels chaotic. If you’re going for an eclectic design, keep it consistent throughout your whole home. Choose eclectic decor that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Dream by MJS will help you create your personal, eclectic style, giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of. Why be trapped by someone else’s style? Call us now for a design consultation in Houston.