Your living room should be one of the focal points of your house, where lots of living is done. Unfortunately, most of us spend very little time actually using our living room. Looking to create a living room you can actually use? Before you lose your mind trying to decide on the perfect living room, relax. Follow these steps for an easy, stress-free approach to creating that perfectly lived-in space.

Creating a Lived in Living Room

A great living space starts with a great idea.  It’s important to spend a little time thinking about your goals for your living room. How do you envision your space? Should it be modern and open? Would you like a complete overhaul, or would you prefer to repurpose what you already have? Do you have children living with you? Pets? Are you working with a shoestring budget? Whichever scenario applies to you, creating just the right room layout and design is the main goal.

Try to decide what you want the room to feel like. If you want something that functions more as a media room, you might just want to upgrade your tv and your seating options. On the other hand, a more showy, elaborate space will require a larger budget and a completely new design. Whatever your tastes are, creating your dream living room, lived in, or not, can be fun.

Try a Virtual Room Designer

Want to play with the layout of your room without moving all the furniture? Make use of a virtual room design tool. You can view before and after designs to get a feel for how your living room could look. These tools allow you to create your dream room in a few easy steps. Simply draw your space, add furniture and you’re done! You’ll get an instant 3D rendering that shows you the new space you’ve created in just a few clicks.

The Devil is in the Details

If you’re not sure where to look for ideas for your perfect new living space, Google is an excellent resource. A simple search will return dozens of ideas. Pinterest is another helpful tool that can showcase virtually unlimited design ideas. If you can dream it, we can do it at Dreams by MJS.

Set your budget, choose your color scheme, and your layout, and we’ll do the rest. In a short while, you’ll be enjoying your dream living room that you created.