Your space is just that–yours. If you want to make your personal space feel more personal, check out these trends in home design for the rest of this year and next. From different textures to the must-have colors of the season, we’re here to tell you about the hottest room decor trends to try, and which ones to forget.

Less stuff, more clarity

2018 has been the year of the purge. More and more people are scaling back, adopting a more minimalist approach. We’ve gotten rid of more of our stuff, clearing not just our space, but our minds as well.

This decluttering trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019. More than decluttering, more and more Americans are looking for more efficient, clean designs, hoping to maximize their space to create a soothing, comfortable environment.

What’s in store for home design?

When it comes to our living spaces, we’re all about function and efficiency. Small details are making big statements. Over the next year, you can expect to see :

Natural wood finishes

While dark  woods have been the trends in recent years, this year is all about creating more natural looking environments. Natural wood creates a warm environment that lets light in. Pair this with warm nature elements to create an inviting space. Combine natural wood with details like stone or pebble accents or concrete furniture to create a truly unique, natural look.

Neutral spaces with pops of color

Nude and soft matte finishes are king this year.  Instead of making the entire room bright and colorful, this year is all about accenting. Add pops of colors through pillows, rugs or wall art, while keeping the rest of the space calm. Sage green is the hot color this year, blending perfectly with the natural woods we discussed earlier. Soft, matte finishes keep things comfortable and pair well with any details.

Neutrals pair well with most other colors to make accents the main focal point. This allows for personal touches to round out that more personal environment.

Statement walls

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Wallpaper is making a come back. Rather than cover your entire living space, focus on creating a single statement wall. Highlighting a single wall in a room or across multiple rooms is an excellent way to add some color and texture to any space. Fabric, wallpaper, tiles or paint are all great ways to enhance the overall atmosphere of any room.

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Sustainability and Upcycling

Repurposed objects are a great way to add personality and function to virtually any room. Giving new life to old pieces is not only better for the environment, it’s better for your wallet. Use items you already own to decorate your house.

Compact, efficient designs often benefit from upcycling. You may find that a table you were tired of in the living room might be better suited for a bedroom. Moving the table may save you having to buy a nightstand, saving you from having to get rid of the table, and creating a more eco-friendly option for your home. See how these work in tandem?

If your home is in need of a facelift, these trends can help guide your decision. Here’s to happy home decorating!