Italian home interior design can be stunning. Check out these great tips on how to achieve this look.

  • A modern dining room is a perfect example of modern Italian sophistication.

Dark Wood Honeycomb Faux Finish

  • The Tuscan design celebrates its pure luxury and at-home feel through this warm kitchen. A low, cover-vaulted brick ceiling, hex terra-cotta flooring, and rustic sage cabinetry in this kitchen deliver natural warmth while comfortably enclosing the space for an intimate feel.
  • Travertine, a traditional building material, is primarily symbolic in Italian design, as it was the primary material used in the construction of the Colosseum.
  • We love how a space feels both modern, with a luxe mid-century vibe, as well as classical, with details like a magnificent over scale crystal chandelier.
  • The style of old-world accessorizing works best when you apply yourself to it entirely.
  • Less is more is the motto of contemporary Italian houses, seeking a few essential furniture elements with quality!
  • Bathrooms are as important as other rooms in Italian homes and must be as cozy and comfortable as the others. It’s a space to be filled with decoration and imagination.
  • Not exactly invented in Italy, the terracotta tradition has historical roots in Tuscany and is typically an Italian one. Although neutrals and white/black remain the favorite color matches in contemporary Italian homes, the Italian decor style is not afraid of using color, even in warm terracotta tone.