Whether it’s bold or subtle, the wallcovering is sure to make a style statement. From a dramatic bedroom to a simple living room, there are plenty of ways to incorporate wallcoverings.

  • Adding an element of nature is not limited to placing a lovely fig leaf tree in the corner. Floral prints can evoke a colorful spring garden in the living room while a verdant fern pattern gives the home office a sense of calm.
  • You can also use it to create a cute nursery!
  • Bold, beautiful wallcovering is just fabulous! It creates a theatrical atmosphere for the bathroom.
  • Vintage world map wallcovering is another interesting choice.

  • When you enter this unique space above you see a mix of materials with an eye for industrial, brass, marble, banana sheet wallpaper, steel and leather combined with velvet armchairs, bistro chairs, and warm lamps make the ambiance of the space intimate, cozy, and exuberant at the same time.
  • From natural bronze and blush pinks to splashes of refreshing cool tones, a modern range of marble wall coverings is perfect for incorporating some unashamed luxury into your home.
  • Wallcovering makes for a great focal point and infuses a particular layer of pattern, color, and texture into this space.
  • It’s so cool to have something special like a hidden, little delight of wallcovering. It sets the scene!
  • A fresh color paired with a very traditional pattern means up-to-date! We love contemporary wallcoverings.