Classical yet simplistic encapsulates contemporary interior design style. It establishes a look of timelessness, assuring your home will never look outdated. Creating an atmosphere of serenity through architectural elements, decorations, bold scales, and consistent color palettes, it can fashion a comfortable space accompanied by sophistication. Without a doubt, when anyone steps into your home, its luxurious design will definitely be on the table of conversation. 

Ready to make your dreams a reality, Dream by MJS Interiors can help you get started no matter what you are looking for. Satisfying our clients’ needs of practicality alongside creative originality, we can create your ultimate vision for your home. We’ll help you to consider the merits of incorporating contemporary interior design, and what it takes to capture it with ease. 

How to Design with Contemporary Interior Style

Uncovering what it takes to lay the foundation for your interior style, you’ll be able to begin your contemporary design project. With MJS Interiors’ expertise, our designers will alleviate the pressures of when it comes to styling your home. 

1.) Line and Space 

Found within architectural details, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture, line and space are crucial design elements. Taking advantage of structural aspects like these establishes crisp and exquisite textures and makes a room appear more spacious. Creating this space on walls and in between decor allows for each piece to stand out on its own, presenting them as unique and individualized. 

2.) Contemporary-Style Furniture 

Furniture can help your space to stand out, but keep in mind to avoid cluttering it with too many pieces. Smooth and clean lines categorize Contemporary-style furniture without curves or decoration. They come in neutral, black, or white tones and use natural fibers to add textural appeal. Upholstery and pillows can even add a splash of color on a couch or a chair. 

3.) Art and Lighting 

Frames in high-gloss, matte black, natural wood, or metal finishes are perfect if you would like some artwork in your home. You can even group paintings close together to make it appear as though it is one large piece. Other framed art or sculptures can be placed on an elegant, structural column or furniture as well. To draw attention to them, track, recessed, and cove lightings are great ideas as well. Plus, including color and metallic elements can add some artistic flair. 

Sensational Contemporary Interior Design

Bringing a room together, contemporary interior design will never go out of style. From the use of line and space, refined furniture, and art and lighting, our designers recognize its simple beauty. Easily, your home will have a sleek and polished finish and a look that is all of its own. No one will stop talking about its elegance. 

If you are ready to headstart your home project, don’t hesitate to contact Dream by MJS Interiors today for contemporary interior design in Houston, TX!