The master bedroom is a special place in your home. It’s where you retreat every night to relax and go to sleep after a long day. Therefore, when you are building a house or completely remodeling your existing master bedroom, it behooves you to design the room in such a way as to promote sleep, calm, and all good feelings.

Maybe you have never heard of this idea before, but the color, setup, and design of a room really can influence your mental state every time you enter. And since you would like to feel relaxed and happy in this most personal of rooms, it is well worth your time and effort to think about what color your brain would enjoy experiencing day after day in the master bedroom. There is a lot to consider, from base colors to accenting colors, to the colors of the various room elements, including lamps, bedding, carpeting, and tile.

So, let’s start learning about the best colors to use for a master bedroom so that when you need master bedroom design in Houston, TX, you can tell us exactly what you have in mind.


It comes as probably no surprise at all that blue is the first color on our list, for it is popularly known as a color that instills people with senses of peace and calm. Those are excellent feelings to experience when you are trying to relax and fall asleep, but let’s get more specific with the shades of blue you have available to you.

Dusky blue is a nice, conservative shade that will pair well with whites or creams to create a cheery and uplifting mood in the room. It has also been suggested that people with bedrooms painted light blue tend to get more sleep, since the color may remind people of the relaxing qualities of water or the sky. Meanwhile, the bolder, more vibrant royal blue will work well alongside light browns, whites, and tans (basically any kind of beach theme).

Finally, a darker blue, such as navy, is known to inspire introspection and other types of deep thought, which you may enjoy experiencing in the time before you go to sleep.


We are now moving from the popular master bedroom color of blue to the more unusual yellow. This color you may never have considered for the bedroom, but there are plenty of good reasons to paint your room the color of sunshine. And sunshine is one of those reasons! Yellow mimics sunshine in that it inspires feelings of cheerfulness, energy, and joy.

Your yellow bedroom will tend to make you feel warm and happy, even when it is cold or rainy. The color yellow has also been known to soothe anxious thoughts that come from depression. You may even find yourself waking up earlier and starting your day with a better attitude than you’ve ever had before.

When going for yellow in the master, you can choose from a pale yellow or the bolder tones of a mustard color. Some people find that pale yellow recalls a rustic farmhouse-type setting, while a deeper yellow is more generally calming. The choices are yours, but rest assured you will be doing something truly unique by painting your bedroom any shade of yellow.


Like blue and yellow before it, green is another excellent choice to paint your master bedroom because of its associations with the calming aspects of the greenery of nature. Many people find solace in the natural world of forests, fields, and mountains, all of which sport multiple shades of green in the warm, sunny seasons. To bring those shades into the master bedroom is to create senses of peace, freshness, and safety.

Sage green is a lovely light green that will go well alongside accented colors such as whites, creams, and light browns. A darker moss green works with the same complementing colors, but its deeper tone conjures up imagery of dark forests, which can make you feel content and secure. Just as with deep blue, moss green can help you fall asleep faster. Meanwhile, the darker tones of pea-green can make you feel as though you are in a cave. This can stir deep thought and help you to sleep, as well.


The final color we are discussing here is purple, a color you may never have considered for a space such as a master bedroom. A purple room has been said to be reminiscent of flowers, and since purple does not often appear in the natural world, it is a color that truly stands out. Purple is also the color of royalty, which can really set up your bedroom as being elegant.

A lighter purple, such as lavender, can have a calming effect, but it is important that the tone be closer to blue than red, since red can overstimulate and prevent you from getting decent sleep. A royal or dark purple is perfect for inducing calm, relaxation, and the ability to sleep, but a brighter, bolder purple will tend to energize, so we try to steer clients away from any kind of lively purple in the master bedroom.

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Bedrooms are among the most important rooms in the house since they are the places where we become calm enough to go to sleep. Therefore, the color of your master bedroom deserves your utmost attention when you are redesigning your house or building it from scratch.

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