It could be stated that luxury is subjective, but we’d argue that luxury exists because we can all agree on what’s sophisticated and what’s not. Luxury is many things, but mostly it’s:

  • Sophisticated
  • Technologically savvy
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Self-aggrandizing
  • Timeless

Luxury items are self-aggrandizing because the mere possession of lavish items increases our status and satisfies our egos. Studies have shown that even looking at lavish and luxe items from prestigious brands can trigger the medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC) and precuneus, which are associated with self-reflection and self-relevance.

Luxury interior design is also timeless because it doesn’t conform to trends and it only increases in value as it ages.

Luxury interior design follows these very same principles. Luxury interior design is equally comfortable as it is beautiful.

At Dreams By MJS Interiors we’ve undertaken multiple high end interior design projects from redesigning the oval office to redesigning Oprah’s house in Chicago, among a list of other high end celebrities.

Here, we’re going to discuss what adjustments you can make to take your interior design from austere to luxury.

5 Considerations for a High End Home Interior

Luxury is Available for Every Design

The very principle of high end interior design is that there are luxury options for even the most austere designs.

Now, luxury can come in two forms: aesthetic or comfort.

Upgrading the technology in your living room – adding a projector, bigger TV, or entertainment system- can add some much needed amenities and comfort to your space.

On the flip side, a luxury ottoman, glass coffee table with beech wood legs, or some high end furniture can transform a dull space into a luxe living room interior.

Focus on Focal Points

Focal points are especially important for luxury living room interior design. This is the first thing that visitors will spot when they enter your house.

A focal point could be a brick fireplace or a sculpture piece at the entrance of a walkway. Vaulted ceilings, expensive art, and sophisticated lighting fixtures are all great examples of luxury pieces that will draw the attention of the room.

Positioning your most pristine furnishings and room fixtures to serve as a focal point of your room will add even more opulence by serving as the center of focus for anyone in the room.

Quality is Paramount

Again, luxury is about convenience and comfort. Never settle for low quality materials that will break after limited uses. More importantly, don’t settle on low quality items in the pursuit of style. Aesthetic and texture will naturally flow and emanate from your most sophisticated items.   

Always choose high quality furniture and fixtures that add value to your home. Settling for shotty materials will be pretty easily noticed and take away from that sense of opulence you’re trying to convey.

Think Historical

This one should not be too surprising, but people just naturally associate historical items and aesthetic with luxury.

Many design trends nowadays actually borrow from historical styles, such as ancient Greek and Baroque era trends. Maybe the most prominent is the use of Byzantine style art to decorate ceilings and influence architecture during initial home designs.

Regardless of your style, the addition of some antiques, sculptures, and historical art could add a significant sense of luxury and lavishness to any home interior.

Make Use of Space and Texture

Finally, once you have all of your fixtures picked out, it’s time to start looking at your interior as a whole. Use your most prominent luxury items as focal points to a room and use complementary textures to create a certain flow throughout the room.

Generally, luxury interior design is not cramped or cluttered. Let natural lighting in and space out furniture to let the room breathe and flow naturally.

With these tips in mind you can make use of your most sophisticated pieces and create an air of comfort and beautiful aesthetic that simply breathes luxury.