The living room is one of the most important rooms in your entire house. This room is where you will host most of your gatherings and formal events with friends and family. These can range from having the neighbors over to watch the city’s football team to hosting a family party. Regardless of how you choose to utilize your living room’s function, it is bound to be a focal point of your home. It is extremely important to come up with and execute interior design ideas for living rooms and then properly decorate them. However, how can you go about transforming an everyday living room into something that can impress visitors?  Here are the top ten interior design ideas to transform your living room.

Set The Right Tone

When it comes to interior decorating, the most important thing is to set a positive tone the moment someone walks into the room. This could mean eye popping colors that make someone feel happy, or it could be a stand-out piece of furniture that immediately catches the eye and gives off an air of high quality. First impressions are extremely important, and impressing your guests the moment they step into the room will make them much more receptive to the rest of the room.

Try A Theme

One of the most fun design ideas out there is to design your living room with a specific theme in mind. This theme could be virtually anything, ranging from a room dedicated to your favorite sports team with old memorabilia to an outer-space themed room. Since a themed room could potentially stick out from the rest of the house it is a major risk to take. However, if you manage to pull it off correctly it could allow you to create an amazing unique experience for your family and friends.

Family Friendly

Although this is more of a practical design element rather than a thematic one, making your room family friendly is extremely important. In your gatherings with family and friends you are likely going to play host to parents and their small children. Unfortunately, these children will love to run around and spill things all over your living room. That is why you should design your living room so that it is easily able to entertain a younger audience, and is easy to clean up in case of emergency. Although they may not be the primary demographic you are trying to impress, keeping visiting children happy and occupied could save you multiple headaches in the long run.

Eye-Popping Rug or Carpet

The first thing people are going to notice about your living room are its walls and floors. An otherwise quality room can be ruined by ugly flooring, and a mediocre room can be elevated by creative wall designs. Finding adequate carpet that matches your plans for the walls and the room’s furniture can be quite difficult. However, if you successful pull it off then a quality carpet can really pull a room together and push it over the top.

Comfortable Seating

Another practical design element is to include comfortable seating in your living room. As stated before, your living room is likely going to host a lot of parties and gatherings. In addition, a lot of these events are going to involve your guests using your seating for extended periods at a time. Uncomfortable seating is extremely unpleasant to deal with for long periods of a time, and your guests may become dissatisfied. You could have the best looking living room in the world, but if it isn’t practical and lacks functionality, then its ability to host events will be greatly hampered.

Consistent Scheme

One of the most important design elements of a room is a consistent overall scheme. You want your furniture to flow and play off each other, not starkly contrast. Without a consistent color scheme or pallete your living room will simply look like a mess of random items thrown together. Find a color scheme that fits you and your home best, and then stick with it throughout the design process to ensure a living room that is pleasing to look at and flows nicely.

Bright Design

While this isn’t a must-have for living rooms, bright designs tend to be a little more well received than their dark and dreary counterparts. Walls painted with bright colors like yellow and white seem to glow and make the overall atmosphere of the room more inviting. In addition, have plenty of natural or artificial light in the room to further lighten the atmosphere. No one wants to have a celebration in a dark and dreary room, so try to make your living room as inviting as possible.

Use Artwork

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your living room’s design is to use various forms of artwork and paintings. Artwork can be a great compliment to your furniture and design, and can really complete the look and feel of a room. In addition, artwork can be a great conversation piece for you and your guests. Conversations could revolve around where you got the artwork, what the meaning behind it is, and who the artist is.

A Classic Timeless Look

If you don’t feel like researching how to create a chic modern living room, then you can always try to recreate a classic timeless look. These living rooms typically contain a simple design with standard elements like a hearth and fireplace. While this design may not be the flashiest, it definitely can invoke some nostalgia for you and your guests. These designs are often said to be the most inviting and comfortable. Sometimes a trip down memory lane is more appealing than the glitz and glamour of modern designs.


Living rooms are meant to be simple and inviting, so try not to clutter your living room with too many design elements. It might be tempting to go over the top, but often times this can lead to your living room becoming a cluttered mess and hard to look at. Try keeping things minimal and focus on completing basic design elements well, instead of trying to dabble in outlandish ones. If done correctly, your minimalist living room will be both stylish and spacious for your events.